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Hi, I'm Pj.  On my free days you can find me cuddled up with my dog Max and a good cup of coffee.

I am mostly known for my carrot cake but I take pretty good photos as well.  I love natural light; I believe it is the the best medium for beautiful photos and is the only good reason I see to get up at the crack of dawn.


My style is modern and a bit edgy.  I believe a great photo can do wonders for self confidence and is a way to freeze time for just a moment. Lifestyle, fashion, weddings, and travel are my focus but I love all types of photography.  I am wild at heart and dream about one day traveling to all corners of the world as a travel and documentary photographer. I hope you choose me to be a part of your life through the eye of my lens. 


I have been taking pictures since I was old enough to walk and have, by the grace of God, turned my passion into my business. My love of nature runs deep and enjoy incorporating it into my style of art.  I believe I serve the world by making people smile.  I make my bed in Frisco, Texas and am a sucker for assignments where I have the opportunity to travel.

I seek beauty. I seek truth. Photography gives us both.

                                                   -Pj Williams


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